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Affordable editing, the way
authors want to be edited.


Being fans of free will, we offer several options to help you have the best editing experience possible. The alternatives below are merely suggestions. We are open to new ideas and will consider any reasonable offer.

The most common option is having your entire manuscript edited from start to finish.

As an alternative, we can edit the first five thousand (or so) words and settle payment. Then, you can review the edited text and apply the lessons learned to the rest of your document before continuing the editing process.

Another possibility is editing one chapter or section at a time. This will give you the opportunity to apply lessons learned from earlier chapters to later chapters, and/or spread the cost over time. This makes continuity editing more difficult though, and less reliable, but if the chapters in your document are unrelated or continuity is not an issue, then this option may be right for you.

Rush jobs are available. We will double the resources for you if you are trying to meet a deadline. We will even pull an all-nighter if there is a need.

Please note that with any of the options above, half payment is due before the editing process begins.

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